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For All Our Animal Relations

nimals touch our hearts in the most unique of ways, they respond to us unconditionally with love and trust, and in the case of domestic pets seem to express a variety of emotions that can mirror that of the person who is their friend and guardian.

Animals allow us to be ourselves, they love us for who and what we are, and are extremely loyal and protective of us.
ome of us find ourselves sharing conversations with our pets, and they in return seem to understand almost every word, and even if they do not, they seem to have a knack of letting us think that they do.

The communication that we experience with our animal friends is one of intuitive communication and animals are experts in this field, almost any thought or feeling that you intuitively send to an animal will be received by them. And the animal using its free will can decide whether to act upon the thought received or not.

And so it is with Reiki, Reiki can be sent to an animal intuitively via the Distance Healing Symbol but it remains the animals choice as to whether it wishes to accept the healing or not.

t is also very important that prior to giving hands on healing to an animal, the animal concerned is given the opportunity to take the healing or reject it, rather than have it thrust upon them.

Reiki can be used in a variety of situations where animals (both domestic and those living in their natural habitat) are concerned, if done with love and a basic desire to heal rather than to control, it can benefit both humanity and the animal kingdom so that we can build a more tolerant and caring relationship where our interdependence with our animal friends and neighbours is both recognised and revered.

he course entitled Animals and Reiki
is an intensive course and is held over a weekend, plus one day of the following weekend. The first day is confined to the theory side of the course, where as the second day is confined to the more practical elements of the course. The third day is one of discussion and assessment.

A comprehensive course manual will be offered to the Student, and on the successful completion of the course a certificate will be awarded, and on going support and advice offered for as long as the student wishes to avail themselves of it.

Numbers will be limited for this course, and the course is only open to those students who have successfully completed the Second Degree Reiki course, and are able to show a strong desire to alleviate the suffering of animals in a caring and compassionate way.

Please do not hesitate to email me should you wish to enrol on the course or would like more information regarding it.